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The Art of Clean Up: Life Made Neat and Tidy

Turn your instinct for making things neat and tidy inside out with The Art of Clean Up (Chronicle Books) by Usus Wehrli of the Swiss comedy duo, Ursus & Nadeschkin.  I’m always styling rooms on shoots, and flipping through this book was a phenomenal way for me to rethink the beauty of order and randomness. It’s also a good way to think about what’s called “negative space” – the parts of the image with nothing in it, which can be just as important. As a photographer, you have to keep mixing up how you see things to keep your work fresh.  In this New York Times article, Wehrli said, “Comedians take a neat situation and turn it into mess. And in my books I do the same thing, but it’s the other way around. I like to mess around with mess. A mess is only a mess because someone tells you it is.”  Don’t tell your kids that or they will never clean their rooms. Buy The Art of Clean Up here.